Always losing track of your fitness progress? Here’s the answer.

For a long time, I’d go to the gym and simply rack my brain to try and remember what weight I had been using the previous session and how many repetitions I completed. As anyone whose read any of my posts on memory will know, trying to remember the weights and reps for even a handful of exercises was pretty much doomed to failure.

Nonetheless, this worked OK for a while — I’d generally feel like I was progressing. But then, inevitably, I hit the dreaded plateau — the point that every fitness fanatics hates. After months of progress, you’re suddenly stuck. A week or two passes with no progress. Your motivation begins to disappear — why bother if I’m not getting anywhere?

Without any real idea of how much I had been lifting even a month before, I didn’t have the option of looking back a month or two and reminding myself how far I’d come. For that, I needed an app — that’s where Jefit comes in.

Jefit was the first app that I used for workout tracking and it works really well. It’s got a database of exercises, including bodyweight, machine, dumbbell, barbell, cable exercises… you name it, they’ve probably got it. And when they don’t, you can manually add your own exercise. It graphs out progress, makes it easy to check your previous stats… it’s great. If you’re looking to avoid fitness frustration, get it!

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