Spaced repetition is a method for conquering your memory — if you get it right, you’ll never forget anything.

Usually spaced repetition is applied to one specific learning challenge — something like learning a language. It works by using an algorithm that estimates when you’re likely to forget a piece of information (such as a word that you’ve desperately tried to memorise) and then prompts you to revise it just before you forget it. It gets you revising just in time, preventing you from forgetting the things you’ve worked so hard to learn. Once you’ve revised the word, the period until your next revision will be longer than the last… until eventually you’re only revising the word once a year (or even less frequently).

Piotr Wozniak takes spaced repetition to the extreme. Rather than simply applying it to one challenge, he applies it to every piece of information that he consumes — anything that he thinks he needs to remember, he tracks using spaced repetition.

Read the article to find out more about Piotr Wozniak’s (slightly crazy) lifestyle. Then come back here to check out our Language Learning Guide, which uses spaced repetition to help you learn a language.


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