⚡ Get tasty food for a fraction of the normal price, whilst helping to combat food waste — everybody wins!

The logo for Too Good to Go, an app that fights food waste and provides cheap meals.Too Good to Go | App

Too Good to Go is an app that allows restaurants, hotels, cafes and other businesses to find a home for their leftover food.

Each business has a fixed slot each day, with a fixed number of meals available. Users sign up through the app, pay for the meal and then go to collect it from the restaurant at a fixed time each day (usually around the time the restaurant closes). Because the food would otherwise be going to waste, it costs a fraction of the price that you would normally pay… but you still get the same quality.

The offering varies from city to city — in London there are hundreds of businesses using it. If you’ve got a Yo Sushi nearby, you’re probably in luck — I think that they’ve signed up all their restaurants. And my experiences with Yo Sushi have been great — I pay £3.50 for a big box that I’m sure would normally cost a lot more than that.

Link: https://toogoodtogo.co.uk

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