⚡ Discover how someone was able to grow 40 different varieties of fruit on the same tree, creating a real work of art.

A screengrab from the National Geographic video "This Crazy Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit"This Crazy Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit | Video by National Geographic

A really interesting video about chip grafting — a method that allows you to grow many different varieties of fruit on the same tree. Here’s the full description from YouTube:


Sam Van Aken, an artist and professor at Syracuse University, uses “chip grafting” to create trees that each bear 40 different varieties of stone fruits, or fruits with pits. The grafting process involves slicing a bit of a branch with a bud from a tree of one of the varieties and inserting it into a slit in a branch on the “working tree,” then wrapping the wound with tape until it heals and the bud starts to grow into a new branch. Over several years he adds slices of branches from other varieties to the working tree. In the spring the “Tree of 40 Fruit” has blossoms in many hues of pink and purple, and in the summer it begins to bear the fruits in sequence—Van Aken says it’s both a work of art and a time line of the varieties’ blossoming and fruiting. He’s created more than a dozen of the trees that have been planted at sites such as museums around the U.S., which he sees as a way to spread diversity on a small scale.


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