The Tao of Pooh

Benjamin Hoff




“You see, Pooh,” I said, “a lot of people don’t seem to know what Taoism is…”

“Yes?” said Pooh, blinking his eyes.

“So that’s what this chapter is for — to explain things a bit.”


The Tao of Pooh is an introduction to the Chinese belief system of Taoism. Pooh, as it turns out, is a perfect example of the Taoist concept of Wu Wei — effortless doing. His acceptance of life’s troubles and triumphs, life’s ups and downs, means he is always content. In contrast, the overanalysis of Owl and Rabbit and the fretting and pessimism of Eeyore mean they’re rarely, if ever, satisfied.

Whether you’re interested in learning about Taoism or not, the book teaches some important lessons. Plus it’s got illustrations and excerpts from the Winnie The Pooh books… pretty awesome if you ask me.