⚡ See how a group can continue to produce great music for over 20 years.

The cover of the DVD of the film Pearl Jam TwentyPearl Jam Twenty | Film by Cameron Crowe (writer and director)

Pearl Jam Twenty charts the first 20 years of Pearl Jam’s career, from their emergence as part of the Seattle grunge scene (with Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and others) right up until 2010.

Cameron Crowe (writer and director) was allowed intimate access to the band’s archives, allowing him to piece together their entire history. Pearl Jam have had tons of ups and downs, creative differences and disagreements… but they’ve managed to stick together and continue to love playing together.

There’s also an accompanying book which has tons of notes, art and other stuff that was used when the documentary was put together. I’d recommend that too (at least for the die-hard Pearl Jam fans amongst you).

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