⚡ See how complex things really are — a beautiful infographic that shows how much more complex software has become over time.

An infographic from Information is Beautiful showing the size of the codebases of different types of softwareMillion Lines of Code | Infographic by Information is Beautiful

The average iPhone app is made up of around 50,000 lines of code. The human genome, which was first mapped in 2003, contains the equivalent of 3,300 billion lines of code. Windows Vista was made up of the same amount of code as the Large Hadron Collider.

Information is Beautiful‘s infographic shows tons of different things side-by-side, showing how much more complex software has become over time. I think that the most interesting thing it shows is how far away we still are from creating things as complex as the human genome… it’s easy to forget how complicated we really are.

Click the image to see a full-size version.


Million Lines of Code was created by Information is Beautiful. It’s part of their Knowledge is Beautiful book.

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