⚡ Understand how to maximise your willpower.

The title for the What I've Learned video on how to improve willpower through heart rate variabilityImprove Willpower in 5 Minutes | Video by What I’ve Learned

Willpower and motivation work closely together. When you lack motivation, willpower will often pick up the slack and get you back on task. Motivation is the desire to do something in particular; willpower is the ability to fight off temptation to do other things instead.

Being highly motivated can only take you so far if you lack willpower. You might have some great reasons to keep heading to the gym each day… but if you can’t fight off the temptation to sit and watch Netflix instead, you’re not going to stick with the gym routine.

So whilst there are some great methods for maximising your motivation, it’s really important to think about your willpower too.

That’s where this video comes in… it’s a great introduction to how your heart rate variability (HRV) effects your willpower. This links in to the fight or flight response — when your body is in fight or flight mode, your willpower takes a big hit. It has some cool ideas on how to avoid the fight or flight response whenever possible, making it easier to maintain willpower.

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