We aren’t taught to value our memories. Why bother when we can just write a note or set a reminder on our phone? What value does memory have beyond just reminding us of things?

If you’ve read my posts on how to remember like Sherlock Holmes and how to slow down time, you’ll know the answer — memories determine our perception of time passing. The more memories we have of a time period, the more slowly it’ll feel like that time period went by. That’s why being totally absorbed by your daily work routine can make time go by incredibly quickly — because everything is routine, your brain is creating fewer distinct memories.

We all want time to pass slowly, right? Nobody likes the feeling that a  month has passed by in the blink of an eye. So we need to create more memories… but how?

One way to achieve this is to improve our memories — that’s where this video comes in. Journalist Josh Foer spent a year training his memory with world champion memory athletes (yes, memory athletics is a thing) and learnt a lot of techniques and ideas. Check out the video to learn about them.

Once you’re done, check out my post on how to slow down time for another way to ensure you create more memories.