⚡ See musical genius at work — incredible improvisation on the drums from Earl Marvin whilst performing with Damien Rice.

Damien Rice and Earl Marvin performing at Michelberger Hotel, Berlin.Damien Rice & Earl Marvin @ Michelberger Hotel, Berlin | Video

I love Damien Rice. Since seeing him at Latitude Festival in 2007, I’ve probably listened to him more than any other artist.

There are tons of videos of him on YouTube… everything from bearded and busking with Glen Hansard in Dublin on Christmas Eve to playing the Union Chapel with Lisa Hannigan. But I think this video might be my favourite.

And he isn’t even the main reason that I like it — I mostly like it because of Earl Marvin’s ridiculous performance on the drums. He manages to track every improvisation and change throughout every single song — particularly impressive from 35:00 onwards. If you want to see what musical genius looks like, I reckon this is a pretty good place to start.

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