Asking for help can be really tough!

I’ve always sucked at it and have wasted a lot of time trying to solve things independently when I could have just asked someone else for help.

Amanda Palmer’s TED talk below has some thoughts on why we find it hard to ask for help and some inspirational stories about how asking for help has worked for her.

The video was originally recommended to me by my sister Ellie, animator, video-maker and papercut extraordinaire!

Make sure you check out the useful links below the video.


Useful links


Here’s the original Amanda Palmer Kickstarter mentioned in the video. She also uses Patreon (another crowdfunding site) to fund her projects – here’s her Patreon page.

For general Amanda Palmer stuff, here’s her website.

And finally, she’s actually written a whole book on the subject of asking for help. It expands on all the topics covered in the TED talk and I’d highly recommend it.



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