If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that your mood is at least somewhat correlated with the weather.

If the weather is terrible, I’m more likely to be in a bad mood. If the weather is beautiful, I’m probably going to be on top form.

I’d always been aware of the correlation and just assumed that it was some kind of in-built part of being a human. I figured that perhaps it was in part because more of my happy memories were from times I was outdoors in great weather – family holidays, fun with friends in the summer.

The logic for it seemed sensible but I’d never considered whether it was something that I could change.

Similar to my post on an alternative to starting meditation, this is an idea that comes from Josh Waitzkin’s recent podcast with Tim Ferriss (see the ‘useful links’ section below for links to the podcast).

The idea is that this correlation is caused by how we frame weather in our lives – we think of weather as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and restrict ourselves to only being able to do fun things when the weather is good!

Josh’s suggestion is to change this framing entirely by making the most of bad weather. He spends storms outside with his son, having as much fun as he would in ‘good’ weather. When the weather is ‘bad’, his son gets excited – there’s fun to be had!

The general concept of changing the way we frame external factors to remove the negative effect they can have on our lives seems like something that could have lots of applications. Let me know in the comments if you have any similar ideas!


Useful links

This idea comes direct from Josh Waitzkin, child chess prodigy and martial artist (amongst many other things). He’s got a great book – details below.

The idea comes from his recent podcast with Tim Ferriss. The reference is around 41:00 in the podcast but I’d definitely recommend listening to the whole thing – there’s a ton of interesting topics. I’d also recommend the first podcast Tim Ferriss did with Josh Waitzkin. If you’ve got any interest in methods for learning and developing expertise in a  field then you’ll find those two podcasts an absolute gold mine.

UPDATE: This idea fits in nicely with the thoughts I’ve had recently about changing your mindset.


The Art of Learning – Josh Waitzkin

 Highly recommended

 Insight on learning based on Waitzkin’s experiences as a child chess prodigy (he became an international master at age 16) and world class martial artist (competing in Tai Chi Push Hands)

✓ Goes into great depth about Waitzkin’s own learning process, providing insight into how he became a master of his arts

 Includes methods for finding the zone

 Provides both a compelling narrative and plenty of actionable recommendations for anyone looking to become an expert in any field 


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