There’s one huge source of inspiration that I’ve failed to write about until now – music.

I’m no music expert. I can’t play any instruments – that’s going to be a future Find A Spark project (watch this space…). But that doesn’t stop me loving music and getting inspired when I find something new.

If you’re interested in the reasons why listening to new music can make you feel happy, check out my post on health and wellbeing lessons. For now, I’m just going to provide a recommendation…



HÆLOS are a 3-piece band from London. I discovered them via their session on KEXP (video below).

I’d recommend the KEXP session videos to anyone – the bands that they get in are so varied that there’s going something that satisfies any taste.

I’d recommend HÆLOS to anyone that likes the idea of Jungle (the band, not the genre) in outer space…