I’ve recently come across (and yesterday started using) a 5-minute daily journaling routine.

It’s called (nice and simply) The Five-Minute Journal. The journal provides a structured format with sections that you fill in each morning and evening. The idea is to run through a few specific areas to create a positive and focused mindset at the start and end of each day. Here’s what it looks like:


5-minute journal


You start off the day by being grateful (which is a common theme throughout mindfulness practice), defining what would make the day great (to feel positive and focused on what you want to achieve) and with some positive affirmations about yourself.

Then you finish the day by noting what did make the day great (to be grateful again and to remind yourself of what you’ve achieved) and also noting what could have made the day better.

It’s essentially a structured way to build some good habits. It genuinely does just take 5 minutes – 2 or 3 minutes in the morning, 2 or 3 minutes in the evening.

I particularly like that it book-ends the working day. You define when work starts and ends, making it harder for it to leak into the rest of your life.


Useful links


I originally heard about the journal from Tim Ferriss’ podcast episode on his 5 morning rituals that help him win the day. There’s some other great recommendations in there, including meditation, hanging upside down (literally) and some funky tea that he drinks. Definitely worth checking out.

You can buy the physical journal from The Five-Minute Journal. I haven’t been writing in the journal itself (I use Evernote and just use the same sections) but if you like the idea of writing in a physical journal (and having all the sections there for you), it looks pretty great.

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