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Episode 148 of the Tim Ferriss Podcast with Josh Waitzkin as a guestTim Ferriss Podcast #148: Josh Waitzkin returns | Podcast by Tim Ferriss

I’ll admit it — I’m a Josh Waitzkin fanboy. I’ve written previously about his insights on learning, his first podcast with Tim Ferris and his book The Art of Learning. He’s not someone who normally does interviews — his podcasts with Tim Ferriss are pretty much all you’re going to get. So I had to post about the second Josh Waitzkin / Tim Ferriss podcast here.

For those who aren’t familiar, a little on his background — he was a child chess prodigy, becoming a National Master at age 13 and an International Master at age 16, meaning he was in the top 0.25% of players in the world. The film Searching for Bobby Fischer was based on his early life. After ultimately deciding chess wasn’t for him, Waitzkin decided to take up the martial art Taiji Quan and now coaches world-class performers across a range of disciplines, helping them to transition from great to world-class.

His first podcast with Tim Ferris was primarily centred around learning, whereas this one covers some more varied topics, including…

Basically, it’s a fascinating interview / discussion that covers tons of interesting topics. It introduced me to loads of stuff that I’ve since become obsessed with… it’s awesome.

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