A screen grab from the Refugee Project interactive map of refugee migration from 1975 to 2015


An interactive map showing the movements of people forced to leave their homes as refugees from 1975 to 2015.

It’s totally interactive, allowing you to see a breakdown of how many refugees came from each country and where they ended up. It also provides brief histories of various conflicts that have caused refugee crises, helping to put the data in context.

What I found really valuable about this tool was the perspective it gave me on the number of refugees entering Europe. In 2015 Iraq, a country with major problems of its own (250,000 Iraqis were refugees in 2015), was still able to accommodate 245,000 refugees from Syria alone. Lebanon, a country of less than 6m people, was home to more than 1m refugees. Only one Western European country — Germany — was accommodating more than 100,000 refugees from Syria. The UK had only taken in 6,000.

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