⚡ Be creeped out by creepy kids with creepy sacks over their creepy faces.

The cover of the DVD of The Orphanage, the horror film from J. A. BayonaThe Orphanage | Film by J. A. Bayona (director)

The Orphanage might be the creepiest film that I’ve seen.

A woman returns with her husband and son to the orphanage where she grew up, hoping to restore it and reopen it as a home for disabled children. Then her son starts doing some weird stuff… and things take a bad turn.

The front of my DVD version says ‘The new Pan’s Labyrinth’ on the front, which is kind of misleading. Although Guillermo Del Toro agreed to take on an executive producer role to help out with the film (he’s a friend of director J. A. Bayona), the film doesn’t use magical realism in the way that Pan’s Labyrinth does — it’s really just a (really good) horror film.

Honestly, the creepiest part is the sacks that the children wear on the heads. There’s no magic there — just a creepy kid with a creepy sack over his creepy face. Watch at your peril.


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