⚡ Discover methods for 'silencing' your mind — ways to keep your mind clear that can be incredibly valuable in everyday life.

The cover of the book Silence Your Mind by Dr Ramesh ManochaSilence Your Mind | Book by Dr Ramesh Manocha

Silence Your Mind presents an approach to meditation that is based upon ‘silencing’ the mind (you probably guessed that from the name). This approach is different to many other meditation practices which involve maintenance of some level of thought. The idea is to find a state where you are aware, but not thinking — when you don’t need to think, you stop thinking and conserve mental energy

I found the major benefit to this approach to be that it’s totally transferable to day-to-day life. Developing an ability to silence your mind quickly (or even immediately) doesn’t need to just be used when meditating — it can be used in stressful situations

The book provides details on the science behind the method. The author is a GP and researcher who has conducted clinical trials into the practical benefits of meditation. He refers to numerous other peer-reviewed papers and generally focus on the tangible benefits. He presents a pretty convincing body of evidence for the positive benefits of meditation on mental and physical health.

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