⚡ See how the economics of the 21st century might look — Postcapitalism provides a message of hope, and where to go next.

The cover of Postcapitalism by Paul MasonPostcapitalism | Book by Paul Mason

Postcapitalism sketches out how society and our economic ideology might change in response to the problems of the 21st century — climate change, inequality, aging demographics and more. Since the book’s publication in 2015, things have actually got gloomier in many ways — a message of hope is certainly needed.

I’m new to many of the ideas, so it’s hard to comment in much detail… but I found most of Mason’s logic fairly convincing. He highlights the dangers inherent in trying to make long-term plans that cover such a range of complex issues, so it’s only natural that many of his ideas only provide a starting point and a vague structure. I’d like to read more, but I found it inspiring — something that certainly isn’t true of mainstream capitalist consumerist economics.
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