⚡ Explore the idea that we don't all have to have one true calling in life.

Emilie Wapnick presenting her TED talk on why some of us don't have one true callingWhy some of us don’t have one true calling | TED talk by Emilie Wapnick

Some people know their calling and spend their lives as a specialist, focusing on that one discipline. They become experts and enjoy all the great things that come with taking that path.

But what about the people who love many things and can’t see themselves possibly ever just picking one?

Well, guess what — not everybody needs to have one true calling! The video below talks about the benefits of having multiple skills, careers or passions.

This all links in with the idea of adapting your mindset to recognise that skills are acquired through practice, rather than through inheritance.

The part about the transferability of skills really motivated me to keep working on new things. Not certain that a career will work for you and you’re afraid to try it because you might end up quitting? Perhaps the skills you pick up will be transferable to other careers!

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