⚡ Take steps to slow down and make life more rich and fulfilling.

Carl Honoré presenting his TED talk praising slownessIn praise of slowness | TED Talk by Carl Honoré

If you’re constantly rushing through life, when do you actually get the chance to live?

Carl Honoré’s TED talk goes through many of the reasons we rush through life and the consequences for our wellbeing. He talks about the effect that rushing has had on his relationship with his son (and how slowing down has helped fix the problems that rushing created).

Productivity has become a worldwide obsession — do more in less time and you’ll achieve more, be happier. Whilst there’s certainly good reason to use your time more effectively, there’s also a real dark side to the productivity industry. Does filling every moment of your life with ‘productive’ activities really make you happy? Or does it just drain you and leave you wondering what the point is?

In fact, could going more slowly lead you to achieve more than rushing? If the hare regularly burns out and achieves nothing for days or weeks at a time, doesn’t the tortoise end up with the promotion?

Honoré’s message is hopeful — you can make changes, stop rushing so much and live a fulfilling life. I like it.

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