⚡ Learn how a global movement got started, developed and ultimately became what it is today.

The cover of the DVD of How to Change the World, a documentary tracking the early days of GreenpeaceHow to Change the World | Documentary by Jerry Rothwell (writer and director)

How to Change the World is the story of Greenpeace – from the early days until the group’s development into a global force for environmental activism.

Greenpeace was started in 1971 when a small group set out for Alaska in a fishing boat, hoping to stop Richard Nixon’s nuclear tests there.

The film tracks the group’s other early missions, including tracking a group of Russian whaling boats in small dinghies, with harpoons flying closely over their heads.

It’s really interesting to see the internal politics of Greenpeace develop, with the founders disagreeing on the right direction for the group. Some of them have regrets about how things developed, others are happy with how things went… but ultimately they created a group that has fought many battles that nobody else wanted to fight. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.


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