⚡ Turn your to-do list into a game and stay motivated to get stuff done (even if that stuff is boring).

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Habitica turns getting stuff done into a game. It’s a task management app that makes your daily tasks part of a role-playing game… you earn points, level up, get new weapons and armour and tons of other stuff for completing the tasks on your to-do list.

The idea might sound a bit convoluted — an entire game just to work through your to-do list? But it can actually be really effective in motivating people to work.

If you’ve ever played a role-playing computer game (RPG), you’ll have some idea of why Habitica works so well. RPGs are structured so that every task has a reward and a sense of progression, meaning that you’re constantly getting a sense of achievement combined with a drive to achieve that little bit more. You feel like you’ve only played for 30 minutes… but 5 hours have passed. Oops.

Habitica isn’t quite like an RPG — you always know in the back of your mind that you’re doing stuff that isn’t that exciting. But it’s still pretty effective (in my experience at least) at motivating you. ‘Gamification’, as the process of turning work into a game is called, is only getting bigger. Some experts think that it can motivate people to make a real positive difference to the world. I don’t think it’s for everyone… but for some people it can be really effective. You don’t know until you’ve tried…

LINK: https://habitica.com

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