⚡ See how small we really are. An animation that shows how small we are relative to the size of the Universe.

A screenshot from an animation showing the distance from Earth to MarsDistance to Mars | Website by David Paliwoda and Jesse Williams

Thinking about how huge the Universe is can either a) make you feel incredibly insignificant or b) make your problems feel incredibly insignificant. Although b) is the more helpful of those two realisations (it really helps to put things into perspective), they’re both totally true. Ourselves, our problems, our countries, our world — they’re all minute in comparison to the known Universe.

Watching a series like Cosmos does a pretty good job of showing how huge the Universe is… but I think this animation does better. It shows how ridiculously far it is to Mars — the closest planet to Earth. And it does it in a really cool way, equating the distance to the number of pixels on your screen and then scrolling down with a cool animation.

LINK: http://www.distancetomars.com

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