⚡ See footage of the largest T. Rex fossil ever found slowly being uncovered... and the messy aftermath.

The cover of the DVD of Dinosaur 13, a documentary on the discovery of the largest T. Rex fossil ever foundDinosaur 13 | Documentary by Todd Douglas Miller

Dinosaur 13 tracks the discovery of largest T. Rex fossil ever found.

The film documents the fossil’s discovery (pretty incredible), the dig (pretty fascinating) and the legal battles that followed (pretty messy). It shows how easily science can be forgotten when money gets in the way…  with crazy outcomes like priceless fossils being hidden away in storage for years.

The film probably doesn’t give a very balanced view of the story (just Google around to find some alternative views) but it’s still pretty compelling. Just seeing the footage of the fossil slowly being uncovered, moved and then assembled makes it worth a watch.

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