⚡ Understand the key details of the science behind memories.

The title for the Crash Course video on how we make memoriesCrash Course: The Power of Motivation | Video by Crash Course

How memory works — all in less than 10 minutes.

I only recently discovered the Crash Course videos on Youtube… but they’ve quickly become my favourite thing.

This video gives a basic overview of how memory works — how we balance things in our short-term memory and then how those things are encoded in our long-term memory.

The more senses that you manage to associate an idea or piece of information with, the more likely you’ll be to remember it. The Crash Course videos provide some great animations which help provide a visual cue for your memory. They’ve got videos on tons of topics — from philosophy to history to anatomy. Definitely worth checking them out.

For more on specific techniques to improve your memory, check out the Find A Spark memory homepage.

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