⚡ See how connected the world really is — a cool little interactive page showing every flight in the sky worldwide in a 24-hour period.

An interactive page from The Guardian showing all the flights worldwide in a 24-hour periodAll the world’s connections | Website by The Guardian

A cool little interactive page put together by The Guardian in 2014. It shows every flight in the sky worldwide in a 24-hour period — you can either watch as it scrolls through automatically or skip manually to different times of day.

The picture that it creates is pretty amazing — the world covered in hundreds of tiny dots, with huge clumps of dots over Europe, North America and East Asia. You can zoom in on specific area or switch to a map showing every route in the 24-hour period.

There’s also a set of video clips on the history of flight and what the future holds — although air travel has rapidly increased in popularity in recent years, it can only be sustained for so long. The videos only briefly touches on climate change — if you want to know more, Heat by George Monbiot is a good starter.

LINK: https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2014/aviation-100-years

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