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In last week’s post I talked about moving to a hostel near the Khao San Road and posted some (terrible) photos.

I stayed for 3 nights at the Suneta Hostel Khaosan and it was pretty great. The staff were awesome and there was a nice communal area which was great for meeting people. There were tons of street food stalls around where you could pick up pad thai for 35 baht (<£1). Khao San Road is pretty much as crazy as everyone says.

Here’s a couple more photos (my photography in Bangkok was pretty weak… better photos below from the next stop on my trip).


Pikachu cake



After Bangkok I took a 90 minute train up to Ayutthya, which was the capital before it was captured and mostly destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767. What remains is a ton of temples in various levels of ruin, surrounded by the new city.

Panorama of Ayutthya

I stayed at the Goodmorning by Tamarind hostel which was just as great as the Suneta in Bangkok. It was a little quiet but I met some great people and again the staff were awesome. Added bonus: umbrellas on the ceiling:

Umbrellas on the ceiling at the Goodmorning by Tamarind Hostel in Ayutthya, Thailand

Ayutthya is relatively small so I grabbed a bike to get from one temple ruin to another. Despite the bike being a little sketchy (the front brake snapped the second I tried to brake sharply…) I covered some serious ground. Highlights included:


A Buddha head in an overgrown bodhi tree in Ayutthya, Thailand

A Buddha head in an overgrown bodhi tree in Ayutthya, Thailand


Enormous reclining Buddha in Ayutthya, Thailand

Enormous reclining Buddha


A temple building with a tree growing out of it

A temple building with a tree growing out of it


I’d read in my Lonely Planet Thailand that you’ve got to be careful of packs of stray dogs — steer clear and avoid contact or you might get attacked. Although I had one slightly unnerving experience with four dogs in a dark alley (I just ran for it), there were also some slightly less scary canines:

Three small dogs on a table in Ayutthya, Thailand


The stray dog alley episode actually wasn’t the most unnerving experience I had in Ayutthya — it was beaten by my trip to Wat Tha Ka Rong, a temple outside of the main old city area. I’d heard that it was odd and I wasn’t disappointed. Some temple ruins and then a totally bizarre collection of sculptures in a garden outside. Here’s two highlights:

A creepy child monk figure from Wat Tha Ka Rong in Ayutthya, Thailand

A creepy child monk figure from Wat Tha Ka Rong


Creepy child figures from Wat Tha Ka Rong in Ayutthya, Thailand

Creepy child figures from Wat Tha Ka Rong


Chiang Mai

I took the night train to Chiang Mai after a couple of days in Ayutthya (which was a good length of time to be there — long enough to see everything I wanted to see).

I’m in Chiang Mai right now — will write about it next week.


I’ve been writing…

New post: Quality is always subjective

Another short post this week about self-doubt and weighing up the opinions of others. 

Quality is always subjective


I’ve been working on…

Developing Find A Spark

Last week I hinted at some big changes for Find A Spark in the coming weeks. The ball is rolling on these behind the scenes — I’m struggling away with PHP, CSS and HTML as I try to put together some awesome pages that pull together lots of resources on questions like:

  • How to learn
  • How to remember
  • How to meditate and be mindful
  • How to break and build habits
  • How to deal with self-doubt

Along with giving my view on each question, each page will include links to relevant articles, books and other resources to help you dive deeper.

If that sounds great, check out my free finding your passion eBook. It’ll be like that, but in a more interactive format.

I’ll keep you updated.


Until next week!


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