Another week, another weekly update. Here goes:

I’ve been arriving…


On Wednesday I arrived in Bangkok. I stayed the first couple of nights in the ‘business district’ — quiet by Bangkok standards, manic by any other standards. The hostel was actually pretty empty so I’m now staying close to the Khao San Road.

Here are some photo highlights:

Me with rucksack for Thailand

An advert in Bangkok, with Jamie Vardy

Me with rucksack for Thailand

A Bangkok suit advert

I’ve been writing…

New post: Don’t search for your passion — just experiment

This week I wrote a short post explaining my approach to ‘searching for my passion’. Rather than searching, I think it’s better to approach it as an experiment —  constantly experiment to find things that you’re passionate about.

Don’t search for your passion — just experiment

I’ve been reading…

Flow: The Psychology of Happiness

This week I finished Flow: The Psychology of Happiness by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I won’t talk about it too much here — I talked all about it in Weekly Inspiration #2 and a little in Weekly Inspiration #3.

Cliffnotes: read if you’re interested in creating conditions to make work feel like play.

Why time management is ruining our lives by Oliver Burkeman

A really interesting article in The Guardian on the dangers of obsessing about productivity. It struck a chord with me because I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on improving my productivity — I wrote a short Time Management Quick Start Guide last year and spent a lot of time reading about methods for being more productive with my time — and have found that focusing too much on productivity can lead you to lose sight of why you’re actually doing the things you’re doing (because you enjoy doing them, hopefully).

Recently I’ve written about how to avoid killing your enthusiasm by focusing a little less on extrinsic rewards and ‘productivity’ and a little more on simply enjoying what you do.

Ultimately, I’m still figuring out what I think about productivity routines like Getting Things Done. In my post on efficiency and effectiveness I talked about how blindly focusing on efficiency (AKA productivity) you can end up ‘efficiently’ doing things that aren’t actually worth doing at all. Although routines for improving your productivity can help you to overcome problems like procrastination, you need to be able to filter what’s actually worth doing.

Oliver Burkeman’s article provides some great context on how we became so focused on productivity and how the time management industry has developed. Well worth a read.

I’ve been planning…

The future for Find A Spark

I spent a lot of the flight over to Bangkok thinking about what I want to do next with Find A Spark. The ideas are still coming together but you can expect some pretty big changes in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you updated in my future weekly updates.


That’s it for today’s post. Up next: a post on Thursday about how quality is always subjective and how reminding yourself of that fact can help a lot with self-doubt.